A Quick and Simple Guide to Free Government Money

Each year, the federal government sets aside billions of dollars with the intent to give the funds to people in need. Those who are dealing with difficult financial situations or disasters can apply for these funds.

The government also distributes “free money” to people who have an idea for a business or a project that is somehow determined to be a benefit to society. You must meet specific criteria to be eligible for these funds. U.S. citizens are not automatically entitled to receive this financial help. You must apply first.

Whether for disaster relief or a new business, this free money is commonly called a government grant.

Defining the Term “Government Grant”

A government grant is a financial award given from a federal, state or local government. Eligible grantees are not required to pay back government grants, as these are not considered to be loans.

Government Aid to the Rescue

If you or your family need help with housing, rent, utilities, child care, health care, employment, food, or are facing other challenges, a free government program could provide the hope you are seeking.

Please understand we are not talking about “free money” where you receive a cash handout. Government aid goes directly to your utility company, healthcare clinic or wherever you need help.

You will need to go to the location of the government grant and apply in person. Make sure before you leave that you have the required paperwork needed to qualify.

If you are wondering where to go to find government aid, a good place to start is by visiting the website called Benefits.gov.


If you do not know where to start, don’t worry—the Benefits.gov website is a great place to begin. Once you are there, click the Benefits Finder tab and you will see a questionnaire that will match you up with the benefits you qualify for according to your current situation. Just sit back and let the computer do all the work searching through all the programs. The algorithm will quickly pull up all the programs in your area.

If you already know of a grant that you qualify for and want to locate it, the Browse Benefits tab will quickly find it for you.

How Benefits.gov Works

The Benefits.gov website operates with state-of-art software that is able to cross reference thousands of programs in seconds. Those programs that are available and match with your needs will be pulled up.

To get the most from this, do not hold back any information you are asked on the questionnaire or else you will not receive a comprehensive list of options.

The Door is Open, Now You Must Walk Through It

You may notice when you get your results on Benefits.gov that a particular program says you “may” be eligible. Consider this a green light to go ahead and apply to that program. Your chances of being approved are far greater when you see “may be eligible,” but you still need to follow through. You will not receive the grant without making the effort to apply appropriately.

Also, the sooner you apply, the better are your chances to be approved. Your eligibility can change as your life situations change. So getting married, having a child, a death in the family… these can possibly change your status of eligibility.

If I were you, I would check out Benefits.gov today.