Find the Right Coupons for Your Shopping List

Finding coupons isn't necessarily difficult, but finding the right coupons, for the items you frequently buy, can be more tricky. If you want to seriously lower your bill the next time you head to the grocery store, use coupons. Your first step is knowing exactly where to find the coupons that will be most helpful to you.

Check the Newspaper

Despite the fact that just about everything is online now, the hard copy Sunday paper is still one of the best places to find coupons. One of the best parts about getting coupons from the paper is that they'll be regional and specifically targeted to your geographic area. (If you pick up a paper from a different part of the country, you'll notice that it has different coupon offers.) Also, newspapers in major cities tend to have more coupons than those in small towns, so if you're close to a city or planning on visiting one, it may be worth it to pick up one of their papers. You can also subscribe to many major newspapers and have them delivered right to your door. Additionally, check out the website, which will let you know which coupons will be in the Sunday paper. This is a good opportunity to plan to purchase more than one of those newspapers if they're going to have offers like double coupons.

Flip Through Magazines

Certain types of magazines are known for having great coupon offers. Lifestyle, garden, and home magazines often have grocery coupons. On the other hand, you can find beauty and retail coupons in many fashion magazines. You don't need to get a subscription to a magazine just for the coupons, at least not in the beginning. Pick up a copy of one magazine to see if you like the coupons it offers. 

Look at the Product Packaging

Often, coupons for the products you use the most can be found right on the packaging itself. Before you throw out the wrapping, box or can, look to see if it has a coupon on or in it. Product packaging will often include coupons or rebate forms. Also, coupons found on packaging tend to have a longer expiration date because the shelf life of those items is longer. Furthermore, coupons found on products seem to have steeper discounts than coupons you'd find in a newspaper or magazine, even if it's for the same product.

Browse the Manufacturer's Website

Check the manufacturer's website for coupons or current promotions. This is common in the food industry, specifically from manufacturers who sell organic goods or dairy, meat or produce. You may also be able to get a discount on products if you signup for their newsletter or join their loyalty program. Sometimes, these programs let you build up points that you can later redeem for either coupons or even free items. Betty Crocker and Kelloggs are two examples of manufacturers websites that often have promotional information available.

Print Coupons at Home

There are some websites out there that are designed for people who want to print coupons at home. You can find coupons for grocery stores and drug stores on these websites. Some websites will even have coupons for national manufacturers instead of just specific chain stores. 

Purchase Coupons Online

Even though it's not legal to sell coupons, it is legal to charge buyers for the time it took to collect and organize coupons on coupon sites. This is a loophole that some coupon sellers use. If you head to an auction website, such as eBay, you may be able to purchase a bundle of coupons for the items you buy a lot. Another way to buy coupons online is to signup with a coupon clipping service. You can purchase the coupons and then have them mailed to you. You're not actually purchasing the coupons themselves, but instead for the actual clipping service. Since the legality of purchasing coupons online is iffy, you'll have to consider if this is the right option for you.

Last But Not Least

One tried-and-true way to score great coupons is by searching through your junk mail before throwing it out. You'll be surprised at how many great offers are waiting in there!